Community Standards and Guidelines

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In order to provide a safe experience for all our users, we must ask you to follow some basic rules:

- Content should be PG13
This allows us to keep our server enjoyable for all age groups.

While this is part of keeping content PG13, we felt like that this needs to be mentioned specifically.
This rule is a zero-tolerance rule, any NSFW content will result in an instant ban, while NSFL will result in an instant IP-Ban.

- No -isms (racism, sexism, whathaveyouism)

- No discussion of cheating, linking to cheats, or encouraging cheating

Cheating makes the game less fun for others and is, in plain and simple English, a dick move.

- Be welcoming
Understand that some people may be new to this server or Minecraft in general.

- No shitposting or trolling
Shitposting and trolling wastes people's time, therefore we do not allow it. Comedy is obviously allowed (we're considering adding a comedy forum, please let us know in the Feedback & Suggestions forum whether you'd like one!).

- Be respectful
We understand that you might be having a bad day sometimes, but please do not spread that to others. This allows us to keep our server enjoyable and fun to play on!

- Don't shame staff members
Don't shame staff members or 'group up' on them with other members of the community. Staff members are volunteers and any abuse on their side will be dealt with by the management, NOT by shaming them. Please report any permission abuse in a ticket on our Discord, here in the Reports forum, or via direct messages if the reported staff member is high-ranking. (e.g. Admins, Managers)

- Do not evade punishments, or encourage others to do so
All punishments that are issued are deserved and are issued objectively, without bias. If you feel like this is untrue, please create an appeal.
NOTE: We will be transitioning our appeals to Google Forms, since it tends to be hard to appeal a ban on our forums on our forums.

- Don't encourage bad behavior

- Use common sense

All humans are born with a brain. Please use it and encourage others to do so as well.

- Don't argue with staff
Decisions made by staff members are final.

- No advertising
Exceptions are:
  • #media-posts in our Discord, NO SERVER LINKS
  • When it makes sense (e.g. when there's a discussion about content creation and someone asks you for your channel - again, use common sense), APPLIES TO YOUTUBE LINKS ONLY
- No scamming

- No spamming
Spamming just wastes everyone's time, which is toxic.


- No discussion or encouragement of in-game griefing
Griefing other people's work is a dick move.

- No discussion of exploits
Exploits must be reported to the management, without any discussion or acknowledgement of their existence in chats.
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