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These are our server rules - our ToS still apply.

  • No Spamming, Botting, Raiding
  • Anything that puts our hardware/Network Status under danger (e.g. DDoS) is prohibited and can result in legal actions taken.
  • Do not swear (too much)
  • Listen to Staff - No matter if something is in the rules or not, everything that Jr. Mods and above say is how it goes. That does not mean that you should not listen to helpers (or even normal players reminding you of the rules), but that Helpers are maybe wrong - still listen to what they say, but report any issues to the forums.
  • Respect Staff and Players.
  • No toxicity (Can result in a chat-mute, kick or even ban). People are allowed to remind you of the rules and disrespecting them or being toxic to them can result in punishment.
  • No cheats. Anything that gives you an unfair advantage is a bannable offence. Make sure to check out our list of allowed and disallowed mods/clients so you don't get banned.
  • Do not ask for perms - Asking for OP or other perms/ranks will result in a warning and can get you banned.
  • Have fun!! - Most important rule. 😀
  • Ryder

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